The Endurance Specific Podcast

In episode 30 of the Friday Fat Black, Pete and I get to speak with TS and recent sub 10 hour athlete and ALL BLACKS Strength & Conditioning Coach Nicholas Gill on all things recovery. Nic understands that his athletes need to be able to work hard, recover quickly so that they adapt quickly and can get stuck back into more work. Thus creating optimal performance.


It's through this work and with multitudes of other elite athletes that Nic has a great handle on the recovery methods to use. He has also written numerous papers and peered revied journals on the subjects of compression and cold therapy.


What we cover:

  • The all important recovery strategies

  • The recovery KING

  • What your days should start with

  • Compression, the what, the how, the when, the type and the ALL BLACKS policy on them.

  • Can compression garments actually hinder performance?

  • When most injuries happen

  • The mental side of recovery methods

  • Can recovery be enhanced too much and affect the stress we want and need on the body to improve?

  • Cold Baths - do they really work?

  • Strategies for time poor athletes

  • The 5 key things that need to be covered for optimal tissue health

  • The backbone of performance … and what kills it

  • Some simple things to do when your tired and to not let recovery go out the window

  • Salt Baths … why?




Nicholas Gill (All Blacks S&C Coach)




Sports Pump / Graduated Compression boots


Trigger Point Tools




Dont have a bath … how about these options


kids pools

Ants pants blow up baths

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In todays podcast Pete and I get to interview successful age grouper, businessman and family man Ricky Jeffs of the erdigroup and Urban Hotel group.

Ricky has been involved in triathlon since 1985 and has done 15 Ironmans while running a very successful and busy business. In this episode Ricky gives us some amazing insights on both business and in Ironman. There are so many great things in this podcast you'll have to listen again and again so you can implement and thus help with your own life success. One of my favourites was getting inspired from best practice.

We Cover:


  • What it takes to get more out of your race day and your sport
  • What's really important
  • The value of patience, working hard and being realistic with your life circumstances
  • Choices
  • The Schedule
  • Motivation
  • Goals
  • That Anything is Possible in Life
  • How to be ready when the stars align and what you have to do when the opportunities present themselves
  • How to get stuff done in a busy life
  • The benefits of a good team
  • Why having a mentor is key
  • A little mind hack to improve your brain!
  • And so much more #moreawesome stuff.



Les Erdi Biography "Whatever It Is, This Is What It Is" 
This is the book I picked up "stole" from Urban Brisbane and if you're interested in success in life and business then get yourself a copy.

Jack Welch Book "Winning"

Urban Hotel

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In todays Friday Fat Black Pete and I dive into the importance of being realistic about the goals and expectations you set yourself.

Personally I hate the saying "you have to be realistic" or "realistically, I can only ....", to me that is being  mired in mediocrity. I love Big Hairy Audacious Goals and while you could look at some not being 'realistic' right now - if you are willing to commit (you do know there is an enormous difference in being interested or being committed don't you) and give it the time, patience and dedication needed, backed with a never give up on your dreams attitude then almost anything is truly possible.

We Cover:

- How goals and expectations are a doubled edged sword

- Breaking goals into two parts: Process and Move you forward goals

- Focus and concentration

- The NEED to look at things from a neutral perspective: What are the 'facts' right now.

- Why you shouldn't judge your self worth on a workout or result

- The expectations you should start with

- Race day, how we focus on the wrong things which push us away from the goals we want.

- Life circumstances

- When to take your goals and expectations with you and when to leave the behind

- Why you choke or make stupid avoidable mistakes in a race

- and so much more


Goal Setting


Understanding Your Why

The mindset needed to reach your goals

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In todays episode of the Friday Fat Black, Pete and I talk go deep into the understanding differences in training on gender and body types and why it's important to understand.

We cover:

  • Why understanding the differences on gender and body type matter
  • How different body types react differently to training
  • The 3 nails that athletes (namely male ones) hammer into the preverbal coffin.
  • Why program structure matters
  • Why guys bodies breakdown more then our female counterparts
  • How we create an 'insurance policy' that allows us to train hard consistently
  • Understanding that every type of training has a form of catholic and anabolic response and why they're both important in our sport
  • Understand the distinct hormonal shift that occurs in training for Ironman and how to mitigate the negative effects
  • What contributes to anabolic states and how they help us athletically and health wise
  • What contributes to catabolic states and how they break us down
  • Stress and important stress reduction techniques
  • And so much more


Breathing Podcast



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In this weeks FFB podcast Pete and I get the pleasure of interviewing a good friend of mine and respiration specialist and practicing Anaesthetist, coach and pretty hand athlete Andrew Sellars.

Andrew and I have know each other for about 8 years

We cover:

  • The untapped potential of breathing
  • Simple effective cost free techniques to improve your breathing efficiency
  • The problems with breathing tools like the power lung / power breathe
  • Cramping in swim
  • Why breath training should be a high priority
  • Understanding respiration rate and patterning
  • How your respiratory system is limting your performance
  • Breathing coordination
  • Where real core stability comes from
  • and so much more.


Find out more about Andrew

Bio Harness


Fact-Canada / Forum re Spiro Tiger

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