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In episode 30 of the Friday Fat Black, Pete and I get to speak with TS and recent sub 10 hour athlete and ALL BLACKS Strength & Conditioning Coach Nicholas Gill on all things recovery. Nic understands that his athletes need to be able to work hard, recover quickly so that they adapt quickly and can get stuck back into more work. Thus creating optimal performance.


It's through this work and with multitudes of other elite athletes that Nic has a great handle on the recovery methods to use. He has also written numerous papers and peered revied journals on the subjects of compression and cold therapy.


What we cover:

  • The all important recovery strategies

  • The recovery KING

  • What your days should start with

  • Compression, the what, the how, the when, the type and the ALL BLACKS policy on them.

  • Can compression garments actually hinder performance?

  • When most injuries happen

  • The mental side of recovery methods

  • Can recovery be enhanced too much and affect the stress we want and need on the body to improve?

  • Cold Baths - do they really work?

  • Strategies for time poor athletes

  • The 5 key things that need to be covered for optimal tissue health

  • The backbone of performance … and what kills it

  • Some simple things to do when your tired and to not let recovery go out the window

  • Salt Baths … why?




Nicholas Gill (All Blacks S&C Coach)




Sports Pump / Graduated Compression boots


Trigger Point Tools




Dont have a bath … how about these options


kids pools

Ants pants blow up baths

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