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I recently got to speak with Claudia Sorensen all about fascia, our beliefs, and how injuries show up. We had a really fascinating conversation and if you've had recurring injuries this may shine some light on why (even if you've been doing all the rehab, the stretching, the rolling etc).

Claudia is a Structural integration Rolf Practitioner, an associated member of the Ortho-Bionomy, and a certified yoga instructor.

You can find Claudia at The Little White House in Vernon BC

Claudia Recommends:

The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer

Even With Your Shoes On by Hellen Hall

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We need to stop buying into complexity is the way. We see way too many people undervaluing simplicity.

Simple doesn’t make it easy.

But keeping things simple is the pathway to getting really good at endurance sports.

Today Charlotte and I give you the main simple and required things you must do if you care about improving. If you care about seeing what you can do.

The hard thing with simple. It gets rid of a lot of the excuses why you think you can’t get good.

The answer is simple, it just ain’t comfortable.

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Charlotte and I continue on with the No BS way to get good... 

I give you a little proud parent moment that shows a level of commitment that we can learn from. We also talk about decoupling your big hairy audacious goals from the calendar and why it's not always good to have a set time of when something should be achieved. It's about showing up and playing the long game. 

If you are committed to getting good and living your best life, we hope you are. We continue is the no BS way here.

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