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Today we have the awesome Steph Lowe of "The Natural Nutritionist" on another call of the Friday Fat Black. Previously we have discussed Nutrient timing and also becoming a gluten free athlete (and why you should consider it) however today we talk all about gut health and how your gut is really the foundation of your system health.

If you're holding onto injuries, getting sick consistently then you NEED to be fixing your gut health. Even if you're not getting sick or have niggles ... good gut health will help you improve your performance.

Look, if you're serious about your performance but also about long term health (and you should be) then you can't miss this episode. 

What we cover:

  • All health and immunity stems from your gut.
  • Where does illness start?
  • Why you need to look at the gut if your sick and if you have constant injuries.
  • The indirect links your gut has on other areas of your total health than just the stomach.
  • Why your brain function is linked with your gut.
  • What affects gut health.
  • Good food in-of-itself is not the answer.
  • Good bacteria, bad bacteria.
  • Antibiotics and what you need to know if you have to take them.
  • For the female athletes. The Pill and its impact on your gut health.
  • Inflammatory foods and how to ensure you choose foods that are anti-inflammatory in nature.
  • Being an Iron distance athlete, you can guarantee that you have some level of impaired gut health.
  • Stress and its implications on your gut health.
  • The chicken or the egg with gut health.
  • What pulls the trigger and how todays choices affect what happens downstream.
  • Tips it mitigate stress in our current life circumstances.
  • Strategies on fixing or improving your gut health.
  • Vegan athlete choices of fixing gut health.
  • Caffeine and impact on cortisol, stress, acidity.
  • The one answer to getting good bacteria.
  • Detoxing.. do you need to, how to and when?
  • Stress and its roll in weight loss and what you need to understand.

Show Links:

ABC Catalyst "Gut Reaction" Parts one and two

Gut Health 101 with Steph Lowe (includes links and tips for bone broth, fermented veggies and more).

The Pill

Great Lakes Gelatine

Stephs site The Natural Nutritionist

Learn more about detoxification and Steph's six week program here:

Perhaps you could start by quitting gluten? Grab a copy of Steph's ebook, Free From Gluten (FFG), and receive over 70 pages of eduction, practical advice and whole food based recipes. Please enter the discount code 'FFB' to receive your Friday Fat Black discounted rate.

Need more help? Steph is available for both Face-to-Face and Skype consultations. Please find out more here:

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Today Pete and I have the awesome pleasure of speaking with 15x Ironman distance champion, member of the Australian Ironman Hall of Fame Belinda Granger from her stunning backyard overlooking the 20m pool. We get such amazing insights from BG who has done 50 Iron distance racing and been around the triathlon traps for 20 odd years! We look at all aspects from injuries, to training, discipline, nutrition and so much more.

What we cover:

  • Lessons from one of the most longterm successful female IM athletes in the sport
  • Belinda's WHY!
  • Natural talent is useless
  • Why 'loving it' helps
  • Strategies and tips to pull you through those tough races
  • BGs two biggest regrets - massive honesty here
  • The skill of set and forget
  • When and where you learn the most
  • Why you need to self assess
  • Settling
  • Nutrition, balance and not depriving yourself
  • Looking at all aspects of the sport
  • The ABS!
  • The tell tale signs you need to listen too
  • Balance
  • The Training regiment... major lessons
  • You HAVE to give back
  • 3 huge performance knowledge bombs dropped around 28mins in
  • Keys of being professional - if you're a pro or budding pro you need to listen to this
  • Favourite sessions
  • What the future holds for Belinda




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This weeks FFB is all about getting AERO with Mark Cote whom is the head of aero R&D for Specialized. Last week Pete and I got the opportunity to head down to the Gold Cost for Specialized’s 2015 product launch here in Australia and were lucky enough to sit down and chew the fat with Mark and we thought .. we’re all here - can we do a podcast and Mark took it in his stride which we’re super grateful for. Listen and listen again about whats important, how you can get both free and paid aero benefits.

“the difference between athletes that pay attention to this and those that don’t is Kona spots”

What we cover:

  • Aero .. what’s really important and quick free aero gains (1:40).
  • 80” over 40km  - imagine over an Ironman that’s 6 minutes and doing this doesn’t cost you anything.
  • What a ‘shaved’ tennis ball has to do with shaved legs.
  • The Specialized wind tunnel allows them to geek out
  • Even a little matters
  • Clean it up .. it's important.
  • How AND why fit matters?
  • The preconceived notions of being low are hindering you.
  • The common trend in fit (not what you think).
  • Get faster and reduce fatigue.
  • Being in the aero bars versus being on the hoods (7:35). You’ll be stunned how much that is worth per 40km.
  • All about Wheels (8:38)
  • Style ‘watts’ versus real ‘watts’
  • The catch 22 on the deeper wheel (9:38)
  • What wheel sizes are showing the most benefits.
  • Where wheels actually come into their own.
  • Tyres (11:10)
  • Tubular v clincher
  • Tyre technology
  • Helmets and choices (13:00)
  • Why it’s more important to have a ‘quiver’ of helmets than it is wheels!
  • Helmets, there's aero and then there's the details - heat (15:20)
  • One of the new frontiers and biggest benefits you get (18:40)
  • Actually moving forward this will be one of the most (20:59) important, technical devices you can run in your setup.
  • Rider first engineered.
  • How much further improvements are there in aero?
  • The true benefits for Specialized with their win (deliberate) tunnel.
  • The athletes that focus on this stuff versus those that don't.
  • Shiv TT v SHIV TRI.

Got Question? Either hit us up in the comments section below or reach out to Mark or the Specialized team on social media

Show Links:

The Body Hair Test

ROVAL wheels

Froome looking a stems  (yes you must look at this page)

The S-WORKS Evade Tri 

Specialized Links


Facebook (Australia)


Mark Cote



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Today I get to speak with TriSpecific athlete John Rutherford after his recent first time Ironman  a couple of weeks back at Ironman Switzerland. John had great IM debut going 9:34.

As I say in the intro. Nobody comes from nowhere ... and what I mean there is that we all have backgrounds and most athletes that have quick success in this sport have a solid background and John is no different here. John has ran 100 mile ultras and he definitely wasn't successful in those first outings, especially as the typical carb dependant athlete and we go into all that but his background goes further back and we look into the lessons that cross over from flying a F-18 to performance in other areas of life. And don't miss what John did with a 40 Million dollar aircraft at 14:55 into the podcast. 

What We Cover: 

  • John's first Ironman going 9:34 and the lessons. (there is ALWAYS lessons)
  • Logistics and there importance
  • Expectations and what you need to be with them
  • No unforced errors
  • John's background and his time as part of the US National Cycling team
  • Those carry over lessons from cycling, ultra running and flying an F18
  • Listen in a 14:55 to hear what John did with a 40 Million dollar aircraft
  • Learning to be calm under pressure and where it is critical on race day
  • We go deep into fuelling and how little John takes in through training and racing
  • John's part in the UCON Fat Adaptation/Perofrmance Study
  • How never to hit the wall or bonk again
  • Time to benefits of fat adaptation at 35'
  • The starting point to fat adaptation and process of teaching around 36' in
  • The 3 BIG benefits of being fat adapted
  • Sodium - the true needs
  • Johns race day fuelling strategy
  • The 3 things John's most important performance tips


Ben Greenfields Part 1 & Part 2 of his part in Voleks study and rewriting the Fat Burning text book. 

Becoming a Bonk proof athlete - FAT chance


Keto Force (Disclaimer: I have not tested this yet, but from John's testing it seems to work well. However.. as per previous blog.. get the other aspects down first. No short cuts!)

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In todays Friday Fat Black Pete and talk about the real reasons of how and why injuries happen. We speak about the 7 major areas (there are more) why injuries happen. 

What We Cover:

  • The biggest killer of our performance.
  • And the reason why we get this performance killer.
  • Injuries don't come from nowhere .. i.e. they don't just pop out of nowhere!
  • The Domino effect.
  • The red flags you CHOOSE not to listen too and how to stop that happening.
  • Responsibility.
  • The injury cycle.
  • The 7 major reason you are or you get injured.
  • 90+ percent of injuries are AVOIDABLE!
  • Why electrolytes are CRITICALLY important.
  • What to do the FIRST thing when you wake up in the morning.
  • Compounding Interest - why you feel like crap at the start of your long run.
  • What muscles LOVE.
  • What you should do on those long haul travels we need to do to get to races. Long drives/long flights and why you NEED to do this.
  • The thought process you NEED to rid yourself of. 


The BEST Self Massage Tools in the world

Get this awesome History of Triathlon in Australia coffee table book //

If you're at Challenge Gold Coast drop by the Multisport Dreaming Booth

Original Strength Podcast

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