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We are EXCITED. Seriously.

We have been looking forward to this 50th Episode for a while now......The Friday Fat Black and The Answers Series have been so much fun and there has been a lot (really,  A LOT) of awesome information in each edition.

So today as we celebrate #50, we get stuck into some of the most popular topics we've discussed as well as what is coming up in the very near future. Hint: something BIG.

And, because this is a special event - something to celebrate, we are giving away some awesome prizes! You need to listen to the episode to find out how you can get your hands on some pretty cool things like:

  • Specialized Packs that will get you out of trouble
  • Smith Optics glasses for staying in style
  • TS 'swag' packs, because swag is important
  • GRID mini's and the new GRID X from Trigger Point
  • Some cool Tee's from "Art of Tri"

To enter the competition, listen to the instructions mentioned in the episode. We will announced the winners in the next Episode (this Friday).

This Episode we cover:

  • Our favourite episodes - the ones that we loved the most, and why.
  • Our favourite guests, and why.
  • Fundamentals - what it takes to be successful
  • The importance of Self Talk
  • Confidence VS Cockiness
  • Race execution - what you need to do
  • What's next: some very exciting guests coming up
  • Some special mentions....
  • And an important message to you all


Smith Pivlock

Urban Ninja

TS Life


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Today we speak with celebrated Ultraman World Champion, Ironman athlete and Coach, Kevin Cutjar about developing confidence and executing a good race. He is also the owner of the Challenge Penticton race, held in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Kevin has a wealth of experience in racing long, hard and tough events so he knows a thing or two about confidence.

Confidence underpins performance, and developing this skill can take time and patience. There's a system to follow and as we get deeper into this episode, Kevin explains how to turn that confidence into smart race execution.

Grab a cup, sit back and enjoy todays episode of The Friday Fat Black.

Awesome knowledge covered:

  • Kevin's amazing racing career
  • Developing confidence
  • Trusting the process
  • The psychology of racing long
  • Self belief
  • Getting it right: the long run
  • Patience, and having the confidence to be patient
  • Endurance and repetition
  • The "perfect" plan
  • Understanding self-doubt
  • Executing a race
  • Dealing with distraction
  • How to stay focused in training
  • Self talk
  • Challenge Penticton

Speaking of Challenge Penticton, registration is open now for August 30, 2015. So if you want to race on one of the most historical and picturesque courses in the world get onto it fast!

Connect with Kevin




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We continue on with the Answers Series today with some great questions from some of our coached athletes. We love questions like these because it helps us to ensure that our listeners truly understand the information that we provide.

We love the challenge of the questions, and we love looking for answers to the ones that we don't know. We certainly don't pretend to know it all! But we are prepared to seek for more....

Keep the questions coming via the TriSpecific Facebook page, or

This weeks questions:

Q. How do you stay cool in races without your run shoes filling with water and becoming ankle 'weights'?

Q. What are the some sources of saturated fat I can look into?

Q. Can you really become fat adapted as a vegetarian?

Q. Can I substitute the lemon juice in the natural hydration mix for something else? Do I even need the lemon juice?

Q. You guys have mentioned the Maffatone methods few times, how does that fit into the TS coaching methods?

Q. What Fat Black alternatives exist for non-coffee drinkers?

Q. What wetsuit recommendations do you have?


Aqua shop

Blueseventy Westuits


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This week Pete and I get to interview our good friend, new dad, fellow 3326RIDE rider and world class triathlete Luke McKenzie. This didn't even feel like an interview, more like sitting down having a chat over a fat black coffee. Don't be fooled though, Luke provides some insights into being a world class athlete, keeping the motivation high and the stepping stones to being runner up in last years Ironman World Championships.

Grab yourself your favourite beverage, sit back and enjoy.

What we cover:

  • Moving to the USA full time.
  • Being a new dad.
  • Managing the schedule with Wynne and both parents training for IM.
  • The ups and downs.
  • Learning how to race.
  • How racing and winning in Asia provided the stepping stones to Kona.
  • Winning IM Cairns.
  • A couple of things Luke does that leads to success.
  • Progression in Kona and making the necessary improvements.
  • What it's all about.
  • How he keeps his motivation high.
  • Learning the lessons from the obstacles along the way.
  • Getting through the hiccups.
  • How to make the best out of a bad situation and what doing that provides.
  • Coaches, mentors and self coaching.
  • Lukes biggest advisor.
  • Pushing the boundaries of tech and the lessons so far.
  • Bike position - what's important.
  • Strength training.
  • On coaching athletes.
  • Stress and what Ironman shouldn't be.
  • On setting goals.
  • Training.
  • Giving back.



As soon as we have details ... we will post them here about purchasing the new "GO LUKE" Kona Trucker caps with money going to the Challenged Athletes Foundation ...

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Wow. How good was Part 1? If you missed that make sure you go listen to FFB#46 Part 1 first otherwise you're missing a huge part of the process. 

The second part of that episode we continue the awesomeness.

Today we cover

  • VESPA. What is it?
  • Using VESPA in training.
  • How to use VESPA in racing to optimise your fat adaption.
  • 'Carb sneaking' - how strategically timing carb intake can boost your performance.
  • How to start the Fat Adaptation process.
  • How too much protein can turn off your ability to burn fat for fuel.
  • Ketone tracking.
  • Racing hungry - why you want to.

This is a seriously jam-packed episode! So sit back, grab a coffee and enjoy.

Get a discount for Vespa using TRISPECIFIC for the coupon code. 

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Today we pick the brain of Peter Defty of Vespa Nutrition, on everything you need to know about Fat Adaptation and Optimised Fat Metabolism. Peter has been driving OFM knowledge for quite a wile now and today he helps you understand the ins and outs of the process and why it is absolutely vital to not only your performance but also your long term health.

If you have been struggling to get your head around the Fat Adaptation process or what to simply understand it better then Peter provides some essential insights in this two part series. Yes there is THAT much information here that we had to make it into two Episodes!

Adopting the Optimised Fat Metabolism approach isn't hard, and definitely not 'scary'. It is a simple adjustment to your daily nutritional intake, but with some truly game-changing results.

Today in Part 1 we cover:

  • Who is Peter Defty.
  • Optimised Fat Metabolism explained.
  • Using fat for fuel.
  • How little carbohydrates the body really needs.
  • Long term affects of High Carbohydrate use and their unintended consequences.
  • Insulin resistance
  • OFM for vegan/ vegetarian athletes - how to get it right.
  • The Optimised Fat Metabolism pyramid
    • Fat Adapted metabolic state.
    • Nutrition NOT calories
    • Stomach and gut health.
    • Training and lifestyle
    • Hydration

In the next part of this awesome-sauce episode, we go further into the OFM Pyramid and discuss hydration, the Vespa product and being a 'carb sneak'.

You will probably want to listen to these Episodes more than once because there is a metric crap-tonne of knowledge to be absorbed here!

Show Links:


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You Asked… we Answered. From this week onwards Pete and are adding a second show each week. So Tuesdays will be “The Fat Black - The Answers Series” and The Friday Fat Black will be our interviews.

So last Friday we did our first of “The Answers” series podcast and after that and the feedback for more.. we have obliged.

If you have questions. Please use the comments on the show notes page, ask on our TriSpecific Facebook fanpage or simply email me kristian [at]

This weeks Questions:

Q: Out of all the pieces of equipment available for training and performance improvements, what is the first one you would recommend to buy?

Q:  What are the best cassette and chain ring choices for events. When do you determine you need to?

Q: Bike shoes for Ironman and Half … should I be using Triathlon Specific shoes or road shoes?

Q: What is the best bike case for traveling


Trigger Point Performance Therapy Tools


New Zealand



United Kingdom

Bike Trainers

Revbox (if you're interested in this trainer, contact me as I have a special TS Coached Athlete, TS LIFE and Blueprint Athlete and even for our listeners)

Wahoo Kickr

Swim Tools

TYR Catalyst Hand Paddles - You can grab them here at wiggle Australia or wiggle rest of world.

Pull Buoy Options we like:

Big Ass PB ;)

Huub - Big Buoy

Blue Seventy Core Short (a new favourite)

Finis Tempo Trainer Pro (great for run training too..) 

Bike Shoes

For long course racing we prefer and recommend using a road shoe.

We like

S-Works Road Shoe

Shimano Road Shoe

If you want to go down the custom route check out Bont

Also ensure you go to your local Specialized dealer that does Body Geometry and use their "archometer" and get the specific body geometry footbeds needed for you. Instant increase in power, less foot fatigue and lessen the chances of injury.


You need to ensure you are in the right shoe for you. In Australia our friends at The Running Company have a great service as does The Running Centre in Perth. If you don't have a store near you that can get you on a treadmill and see you run, both barefoot and in shoes then Pete and I have a Run Faster service where we will get you to get video footage for us and then we will guide you to a shoe that is right for you. We will also give you advice on potential mobility drills and self massage techniques you'll need to do to improve your running efficiency.

For more on this service just contact me.

Bike Cases

Shimano Mega case

SiCon Aero 2.0



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This week Pete and I step away from the interviews go into Question and Answer mode. We're always getting questions from our coached and Blueprint athletes but believe this is a great platform for answering questions that many of you have but haven't asked.

As I mention in the podcast. If you'd like Pete and I to do another weekly podcast specifically on QnA or dial into one topic then we're open to that. We will do leave Fridays predominantly to interviews with our awesome guests and say on a Tuesday do a 30-40min QnA. Let us know in the comments below and of course if you have any questions let us know below.

What we Cover:

  • Strategies with dealing with the heat in Kona (or any other hot race)
  • TT bike or road bike and when you should be jumping on the TT bike in your race prep
  • GF nutrition and living/racing with Celiac disease
  • Goal setting and realistic goals
  • Training for older athletes
  • Getting through tough sessions
  • How to refocus and re-ignite the motivation after a big race and also how to keep motivation levels high for training
  • Changes in our nutrition ideology and why
  • Which wheels for racing and why


Past Podcasts we mention

FFB41 - Aero is Everything (all about being aero)

Being a Gluten Free Athlete with Steph Lowe The Natural Nutritionist

Quick link to all podcasts

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