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This week Charlotte and I sit down and talk about Aerobic Deficiency Syndrome (ADS), what it is, how it comes about, and what you can and should do about it. We follow along from the pacing podcast and also discuss a couple of zones that as endurance athletes you need to be focusing on the most and how to do some DIY tests that if you want to use a heart rate monitor you can train where you need to be while cross-referencing how you feel (in the moment) to become an intuitive athlete. 

As we know, the two main physiological systems for athletic performance are aerobic and anaerobic metabolism. We also know we can train both but we optimize one at the expense of the other. If you want to get your speed as high as possible in your endurance endeavors then we must optimize the aerobic system. It may come as counter-intuitive to you, but this is the system we rely on to move both efficiently and fast. No amount of high-intensity work will ever give you the best results.

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This week Charlotte and I sit down and talk about pacing. Why with all the gadgets, the zones, the testing do athletes still struggle with pacing? Why do races continue to go south when we have everything available to us? Have we lost the ability to listen to our bodies from simply tuning out?

And how we can use our inner technology that is so much more sophisticated, speedy, and accurate but is frequently dulled by the noise.

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