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Today on the podcast, Charlotte and I continue the No BS way to get good... No this is not part 2... more like part 1.1. Today is a short episode (for once) and we cover two important points that are necessary to get good. We spoke about tiredness last week on part one. I mentioned test drive the body and today we go through what that means. We also talk about the beauty of the struggle.

If you are committed to getting good. We continue is the no BS way here.

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Today on the podcast, Charlotte and I kick off part one of the No BS way to get good, no matter the endurance training you do. We cover things like what you are avoiding, the 5 simple things to change your outcomes and we go into each of those to help you better understand the mechanics and why each is important. We also look into something I believe I and many others are wrong with promoting this specific thought path and to wrap up part once we look at tiredness. It's a fact of life as an endurance athlete but we show you how you are likely killing your chances of success through the justifications we give ourselves in a subjective manner. 

If you are committed to getting good. Here is the no BS way to put you on the path. 

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The myth of 1% better every day

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Before the Christmas break, I got the chance to speak with Marcus Leach.

You might be wondering who Marcus is. Marcus is amongst other things, an ultra cyclist, a freelance writer, a husband, a dad (of two young kids), and a lover of the mountains and challenging his limits. Marcus has ridden the 3 grand tours IN THE SAME YEAR the day before the pros come through. He’s raced a ton of ultra-endurance races and has put 4 Everests to his name.

Learn how Marcus stacked on a ton of weight, decided enough was enough, and changed the course of his life.

The majority of this podcast is talking about developing your mental muscle.

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