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This week I chat with Don Schwartz. It’s a must-listen if you are looking to develop that mental edge.

You most likely won’t of heard of Don Schwartz.

I met Don last year as I coached his youngest daughter in a ski program here in Whistler.

Don is a mountain guide, was one of the original professional snowboarders, a survivor of a horrific helicopter crash that left 3 of his friends dead and himself with 3rd-degree burns. Don also is a winner of the Death Race.

If you don’t know what the death race is… you’ll learn a little bit about it in this episode but look it up. The race is not fair and it will test you to your limits of physical and mental endurance.

So tune in to hear how this incredible human overcame tremendous adversities and never let anything stop him from living his best life. 

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This week Charlotte and I sit down and talk about Nutrition and coming back to simplicity. No extremes, just focusing on the three macronutrients we need for health, fitness, and performance. If you're committed to getting the most out of your life by keeping healthy so you can be as fit and resilient as possible. Then you need to switch from focusing on a diet... because we all know diet is a short term approach. What we need is a healthy eating plan for life. Something you can implement anytime, anywhere. 

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