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Well it has been a great year for everyone here at TriSpecific! And we are sure that everyone has enjoyed listening to the last 12 months of Fat Black episodes.

We have had a great time sharing so much content with you all, and especially hearing the many insights from fantastic athletes and coaches. To help us celebrate the year that was, we discuss the highlights from Fat Black from 2014; some of the best episodes and speakers.

In the Final Episode for 2014 we cover:

Our personal favourite Episodes and Speakers for the year.

Some valuable lessons.

Taking the time to reflect.

How to start 2015 the right way.

Goal Setting.

We could not have had such a brilliant year with the support of our families, friends, athletes, sponsors (Specialized, Smith Optics, TriTravel and Revbox) and of course....YOU... our awesome audience!

Thank you for an amazing year - bring on 2015!


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In todays Fat Black podcast Pete and I get to speak with Luke Mckenzies better half Beth Gerdes. Beth didn't muck around getting back into all things triathlon after the birth of their gorgeous little Wynne McKenzie and 6 months after the birth of Wynne, Beth had an absolute cracker at Ironman Western Australia coming in 4th with a fast 9:04 IM split and hauling assimus on the run and knocking out a handy 2:58:17.

The biggest take home from this interview with Beth would have to be her looking at the opportunities in things and having gratitude. Great lessons.

 What we cover:

  • Training through pregnancy.
  • Managing being a new mum and training for Ironman.
  • Support and Aunty Jackie.
  • We talk IMWA, the race and the mental side of it.
  • We talk fast AG men and how it affects pro women on the bike.
  • What drives Beth.
  • We go into Beths background as a school psychologist.
  • The lessons.
  • Beths biggest 'failure' ... this one is deep!
  • And of course her greatest and proudest achievement so far.

You can follow and learn more about Beth below:
Beth's Blog
@IMbethgerdes - Instagram
@IMBethGerdes - twitter

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In todays Fat Black podcast I get to speak all about fascia with Brooke Thomas of Liberated Body.

I love this topic because it so crucial to movement. Understanding fascia can really help you move better and be pain free. Those two things will make you perform better. What you have to understand is that you don't have to tolerate movement dysfunction or body aches and pains. Most chronic overuse injuries and mobility woes are reversible. The process is pretty simple... it just ain't easy!

Unfortunately Pete had to sit this interview out due to time zone differences but he and I and guests will be back on as normal from next week.

In episode 69 of the Fat Black we cover:

Why understanding fascia is crucial to your longevity and performance.

Everything is connected and our muscles don't actually originate and insert like we were taught in anatomy class!

How we move.

Compensation patterns and tensegrity.

What our soft tissue should really be like.

Variations in movement and why it's needed.

Communication failure of our bodies biggest sensory organ.

Why our feet are SO important.

How we keep our fascia health.

You can learn all about Brooke and a lot more on Fascia over at here site or follow her on social media via the links below:



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This week Pete and I do our first FB from opposite hemispheres and today we talk about the Obstacles. 

Pete wrote a blog this past week on rethinking stress and make sure you listen to the TED talk of Kelly McGonigal.

One of the most loved interviews of Triathlon World Summit was with Dr Phil Maffetone so Pete and talk about parts of that interview and namely go over some of the common obstacles and get you to think about strategies to remove those. 

As Phil said.. you can be fit but very unhealthy which in turn won't lead to longevity in the sport. 

We need to get smarter across the board when it comes to how we train but how we live our lives. Stress is cumulative and while we need some stress... the amount of stress we pile on our shoulders is killing us or our performances. 


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Last week you heard some great insights from Champion Athlete, Jan Frodeno on his quest to take on Kona and what he has had to do to make the transition from short-course to long-course a successful one. Today we get to talk his wife, Olympic Gold Medalist, Commonwealth Medalist and 3x World Champion - Emma Snowsill.

Emma has enjoyed an amazing career but has dealt with some serious health issues, that ultimately lead to her retiring from the sport. As a result Emma has learned some hard lessons and had decided to embark on a quest to fully understand health and help educate athletes as to what real health actually means.

Emma Talks About:

  • What being a World Champion has taught her.
  • Why she stopped racing.
  • Emma's personal health journey.
  • Learning about true health.
  • Understanding that what we eat underpins performance.
  • Giving back to the sport.
  • Being an ambassador.
  • Educating people on the sport through commentary.
  • What is in store for Emma.

This was a fantastic opportunity to sit down and speak candidly with such a remarkable athlete - and person. Emma's positivity is amazing as she prefers to view her health battles as step into a new direction and career, rather than something that holds her back. Emma's story carries the message that as athletes we owe it ourselves to understand what true health really is.

You should check Emma out on Instagram and via her Website.


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Today we sit down and Sip the Fat with Olympic Champion, coffee connoisseur and super nice guy, Jan Frodeno. Jan and his wife Emma Snowsill were kind enough to let us drop in and chat to them over a few espresso's. Both Jan and Emma have some fantastic insights into the sport and share some brilliant knowledge


Today Jan Frodeno talks about:


Making the transition from short course to long course.

Dealing with injury.

Changing training to suit the distance.

Challenges faced when making the transition.

Lesson from Ironman.

Working with his coach.

Confidence and self-belief.

Next week, you'll want to listen to our episode with Emma Snowsill. It is a cracker.


 You cab reach Jan at: @janfrodeno 


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Well we can't believe that the Triathlon World Summit is almost over! This has been an amazing project for TriSpecific and we hope you have all enjoyed hearing the fantastic information the speakers. We have enjoyed the process immensely and would like to thank all of you for the amazing feedback!

Today we sit down and sip the fat on an important topic that was discussed frequently throughout the Summit:

Human Movement.

Today We Cover:

  • Why hydration is important for movement.
  • Taking responsibility.
  • The performance pyramid.
  • Skill development.
  • Form VS Function.
  • The X.
  • Why sitting is crap for our bodies.
  • Easy fixes to correct faulty patterns. 

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Today we sit down with not only two brilliant athletes but also a professional couple who have crafted their skills as a highly functioning family unit. 
Tyler and Nikki Butterfield have worked hard to understand the importance of balancing family life with work life.

And provide some great insights how any athlete - professional or amateur can do this and still enjoy the sport we all love.

We go into:

  • Being the best you can in your job.
  • Being present where you are. 
  • The Importance of planning
  • Being the best you can in everything you do.
  • Working as a team
  • Daily strategies.
  • Communication
  • More then Sport

You can find out more at


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So much going on and so much love for the Triathlon World Summit that we're truly grateful. It's awesome. 

We're now in Round 3 of the TWS sessions and so many great interviews have been shared and the information is resonating with our listeners on so many levels. 

Today Pete and I decide to go into some of the areas that have impressed us and that you really need to take note of. 

So many more great interviews to come so if you haven't already - make sure you register to watch them for FREE at 


Kristian & Pete

P.S. Can't make the time to listen to all the awesome interviews while they're live. Get the Lifetime ALL ACCESS pass here

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Today we caught up with an athlete who is well know for running some incredibly fast times off the bike, and just recently made a statement with a very impressive 7th place finish in Kona, Tim Berkel.

Tim has been steadily building a solid career and gained a lot of experience by putting himself up against the best in the sport and learning from tough experiences.

Check out some great insights from Tim.

Today We Cover:

  • Tim's mental preparation for Kona.
  • Dealing with low points.
  • Getting the hunger back.
  • Learning to take care of the body.
  • Fuelling the machine.
  • Finding enjoyment in the day-to-day.
  • Racing happy.
  • Using mentors.
  • Understanding coaching relationships.
  • Staying in the moment when under pressure.

To this date Tim has a great career with 3 Ironman Champion titles, and an Australian 70.3 title.

Follow Tim on Twitter Facebook Instagram or reach to him via


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