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Today Kristian and Pete talk with ex-professional triathlete, Richard Allen who is heading up the new Professional Triathlon Union, or the PTU. The PTU was launched at the end of July and they are now in the “spreading the word” phase. What started as a discussion between triathletes about how to change and develop/improve the sport, turned into what is now the PTU. Membership uptake and input/support from pro-athlete’s is key to the success and influence the PTU will have moving forward.

This is an important topic in our sport and a refreshing look at how change is possible by taking the first step.

In today’s episode they discuss:

  • What is the PTU
  • How the PTU started
  • The PTU as a work in progress
  • The grand slam idea
  • Education and mentoring - helping pro’s be more professional
  • A Code of Conduct for professionals
  • The benefits of PTU membership
  • Grants for athletes in developing countries
  • An athlete database, showing stats, races, results, etc.
  • The next 12 months - what is in store
  • Supporting change via the supporters club

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