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Today Pete and I get to speak with none other than Dr Mitch Anderson a former IM Champion, axe on the bike and fun guy to speak with. Being a doctor and science guy, Mitch needs the science and he runs us through this little nasal device aptly named turbine and how it can help us improve our training, how we recover and ultimately our performances.

In today’s episode we discuss:

  • Turbine WTF is it
  • Background of Rhinomed
  • Where 50% of resistance comes from and how to reduce it.
  • Increase airflow by 38%
  • The studies
  • What the device is actually about
  • Other benefits … These are HUGE
  • The biofeedback and why that matters
  • How long you can use the device
  • Best use
  • Swimming with it
  • Rhinomeds other products that help improve your breathing health
  • Turbine V Nasal strips
  • How it helps to develop your aerobic system
  • One of the best Aussie age groupers and IM WC advise on performance improvement

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