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We love an adventure - especially one that pushes the comfort zone and forces us to learn more about ourselves. Ironman is a big part of that but there are more adventures too be found. Today we speak with an athlete who is on a mission to become an adventurer and inspire others to get outside and find things that push them to be better humans. Over the past few years Luke Tyburski has been planning The Ultimate Triathlon, a 2000km journey over 12 days and join us on the Fat Black to explain why and how he is going to make this happen!

In Todays Episode We Cover:

  • Why Luke decided to become an Adventurer.
  • Why he chose the Real Food path.
  • How he plans to fuel for The Ultimate Triathlon.
  • What exactly is the Ultimate Triathlon and why he created it.
  • Planning and preparation.
  • Creating great engagement for the event with live-streaming.
  • Being scientific about the event.
  • The mental preparation involved in crazy big adventures.
  • Bucket list plans.

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