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Whilst we don't get much of an off-season here in Australia - mainly because of the continually awesome weather -  it is important to take a bit of downtime at certain points throughout the year to allow the body  to reset and work on key aspects if your endurance development whilst having a bit of fun. Like most things, there is an art to getting the off-season right. It doesn't need to be all serious and Long course racing driven, and it must be enjoyable, but the off-season can provide some fantastic athletic development.

In Today's Episode We Cover:

  • Planning for the off-season.
  • Repeating the recovery process.
  • Using your time to understand EASY.
  • Seeking a "mental refresh".
  • Using non IM specific training to develop your IM racing ability.
  • Having a plan to come back to racing after downtime.
  • Pushing your body without proper rest is a killer.
  • Finding the passion in what you do as an endurance athlete.

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