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On todays episode of the Friday Fat Black Pete and I talk go deep in carbohydrate loading and why it's a joke and unfortunately the joke ends up on you the athlete.

Here’s what we cover:

  • Why we're passionate about this topic and the basis of this rant
  • The two mistakes athletes make which become show stoppers
  • My story about carbo-loading
  • Why feeling hungry does not mean you're lacing in energy and that racing 'hungry' is ok
  • Why athletes bonk / hit the wall
  • How much storage do we actually have
  • Your true energy needs in taper
  • Can you increase CHO energy stores in race week. Fact or Fiction?
  • The long term implications and consequences of long term fuelling habits of most triathletes
  • The only two places the fuel i.e. CHO can go once your muscles and liver are full
  • Carbohydrate intolerance
  • Weight gain in race - it's not just water
  • Our bodies infinite ability to store fat bought about by carbs
  • How not to feel heavy, lethargic and sick on race morning
  • The two biggest mistakes athletes make in the race itself
  • The true reasons nutrition companies tell you to CHO load and how much cals you 'need' per hour to prevent the dreaded bonk
  • The disconnect on what all carbohydrate sources actually are
  • Changing what you do week-in-week-out in race week and it's effects
  • Is more better?
  • What about athletes that are fat adapted and topping off muscle and liver glycogen stores
  • N=1 and what that means
  • Racing IM Australia next and you're still a carb dependent athlete? - what you can do next week not to negatively impact your race performance
  • And so much more
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