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In today's Episode of the Friday Fat Black, we sit down with #allergictoaverage superstar journalist and Witsup chief, Steph Hanson.

If you haven't heard of Witsup, you must have been living under a rock. Through the efforts of Steph and her team, Witsup have been helping communities of women become more engaged in the sport of triathlon by creating ways to break down the barriers that and removing the intimidation that can be associated with triathlon.

There is one thing about Steph: her personality is infectious! You can't help but get excited when she talks on the things that she is passionate about and that enthusiasm is unmistakable in the work that the Witsup crew do.

So sit back with a cup of your favourite caffeinated beverage, and listen to some wisdom from Steph.

What we cover:

  • Who is Witsup, what does it mean and what is it all about.
  • Breaking down barriers within the sport.
  • Creating a better perception through education and sharing a unified message.
  • Taking things too seriously.
  • Building a community.
  • Shoving Andrew Messink. Yes, that really did happen.
  • Thoughts on the split swim starts to races and what the WTC are doing right (that also does happen).
  • Men showing support for the Witsup cause
  • Spreading the message through social media #supportivedude
  • Changing the perspective in media.
  • The importance of involving family more in the sport.
  • The Noosa Triathlon Festival and what is coming up next for Witsup

It was great to talk with Steph and get more insight on how we, as coaches and representatives of the sport can work to making triathlon not only more accessible for women, but also more enjoyable and less intimidating. We are seeing a global shift in how women are being marketed to by companies, and this trend is helping push past the old school ideologies of gender in sport and helping to create greater equality.

If you want to know more about Witsup, head on over to: or follow them on @witsupcom on Twitter and Instagram or head over to their Facebook Page


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Alright today we are talking about pacing.

This is one of the most important skills of the sport. We have seen many athlete ruin a race by not pacing correctly. Like everything else true pacing much be practiced in training.

True pacing takes discipline and focus (also great skills to develop), and this has to be put into the daily routine of training - which is really about going your craft.

Here is what we cover:

  • The discipline of pacing.
  • Being realistic about your efforts.
  • Learning to switch off the data.
  • Understanding how to use your data to your advantage.
  • Developing your pace intuitively.
  • What is truly easy.
  • Knowing when to push hard.
  • Understanding the different levels of effort.
  • How much time you need to spend below goal pace, at goal, and above (and why).
  • Understanding the different systems that used in pacing.
  • Strength efforts.
  • Speed efforts.
  • Lactate Tolerance.
  • Endurance.
  • Neuromuscular.



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I'm just back from a whirlwind of Kona with lack of the number one health item.. Sleep! I've experienced both Kona as an athlete and a spectator many times and there is just something special when you step off the plan onto the tarmac at Kona International airport. My trip was short but packed with meeting up with athletes, industry contacts and other coaches. I even got a short swim and a couple of rides in. I actually recommend that if Kona is on the goal list to compete at, it's a good one to watch and go experience if you miss out qualifying one year. It definitely made me make it a definite purpose and desire to get there when I had done that.   

Today Pete and I do a recap on Kona talking through the pro and age group races. We also go into the conditions, execution, stress and mental state.

We also have a number of great podcasts lined up for you with some great age group athletes, pro athletes, coaches and experts in fields related to human performance.



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Over here in Kona I got the opportunity to go to a party before the race and mingle. Whilst there I ran into ex professional triathlete, two time Olympian, world cup champion and former world ranked no.1 Andrew Johns or as he's better known as AJ. 

AJ started telling me about what he was part of and why he was in Kona. As it turns out he was here as an athlete ambassador to a new initiative called Clean Protocol. The Clean Protocol™ is a system to support clean athletes and to promote social change toward clean sport.

I was intrigued to find out more as I had seen the below image pop up in Luke McKenzies Facebook feed and was able to get together with both Andrew and the head of science Dr Michael Puchowicz MD for a chat about The Clean Protocol™

Clean Protocol











In this episode we cover

  • what The Clean Protocol™ is and why it's important.
  • The Passion about making the social change needed that there is no justification to even think about taking PED's
  • Allowing clean athletes to put there hands up and go through the testing protocol and show that they can win big races being clean. 
  • The Science behind it and who is using the protocol.
  • The reception from the pro's 
  • And more. 

You can learn more about The Clean Protocol™ at their website -

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Pete and I are still reeling from this interview with Andy... Yes I know it's a pun but it was completely mind blowing. Most people don't understand how powerful the mind is and how much it plays into what we see in life. You can do the training, tick the boxes, go 'all-in' and still fall short and many times we self sabotage purely because of our internal programming.

The 6 inches between your ears is important. Critically important.

Andy is a mental performance coach and has worked with world champion athletes, entrepreneurs, high net worth business owners and even royalty.

Do you want to go fast, get to Kona, have more success in life. Listen to this podcast and learn how.

Here is what we cover:

  • Neurology is a muscle.
  • The importance of a mentor.
  • Overcoming adversities.
  • The science of "Mind Set".
  • The conscious and unconscious mind.
  • We are question answering machines - why we do what we do.
  • Becoming consciously aware.
  • 50'000 words a day.
  • The Dirty Little Secret to rapid success.
  • The filter system of the mind.
  • Accessing alpha waves.
  • Gaining direct access to the unconscious mind.
  • How to ask yourself the right questions.
  • Creating the NEW version of YOU.
  • Retraining the software.
  • The value of routine.
  • Bi-neural benefits.

You can reach out to Andy via: ---> Get a free Focus session.

Follow @andymuprhytv on Twitter and here on Facebook

The Mindset by Design Podcast available on iTunes.


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Today Pete and talk about Kona.. predictions, the mistakes athletes make and how to avoid them... qualifying and more. 

  • Qualify... what it takes
  • The mistakes
  • Pacing
  • Being Strong
  • Carbo loading
  • Race week
  • Confidence and over confidence
  • and more... 

I'll be coming to you with some video blogs from Kona from Thursday and stay tuned for our Friday Fat Black this week... it's mind blowing! 

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Today we speak with one of the World Leaders in Functional Movement Training, Andrew Read. Andrew has been in the fitness game a very long time and he is one of those small 1 %'s that is not afraid to step outside the norm and call B.S. He is an Athletic adventurer, top 6 in the world Master RKC (Russian Kettlebell Certified instructor), author and all round bad ass.

Here is just a taste of what we cover:

  • Functional movement and why it is essential.
  • Levels of Functional Movement Screening.
  • The importance of breathing.
  • Strength training for older athletes.
  • The 3 Rules.
  • Dealing with giving up.
  • Strength & Conditioning for long course racing.
  • Becoming injury resistant.
  • How to get FREE speed - building your Formula 1 car.
  • The smartest exercises for triathletes.
  • The distinction between strength and muscle size.


Andrew Read PT
Andrew on Facebook
Andrew on Twitter

This episode includes videos which can be accessed via

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We are EXCITED. Seriously.

We have been looking forward to this 50th Episode for a while now......The Friday Fat Black and The Answers Series have been so much fun and there has been a lot (really,  A LOT) of awesome information in each edition.

So today as we celebrate #50, we get stuck into some of the most popular topics we've discussed as well as what is coming up in the very near future. Hint: something BIG.

And, because this is a special event - something to celebrate, we are giving away some awesome prizes! You need to listen to the episode to find out how you can get your hands on some pretty cool things like:

  • Specialized Packs that will get you out of trouble
  • Smith Optics glasses for staying in style
  • TS 'swag' packs, because swag is important
  • GRID mini's and the new GRID X from Trigger Point
  • Some cool Tee's from "Art of Tri"

To enter the competition, listen to the instructions mentioned in the episode. We will announced the winners in the next Episode (this Friday).

This Episode we cover:

  • Our favourite episodes - the ones that we loved the most, and why.
  • Our favourite guests, and why.
  • Fundamentals - what it takes to be successful
  • The importance of Self Talk
  • Confidence VS Cockiness
  • Race execution - what you need to do
  • What's next: some very exciting guests coming up
  • Some special mentions....
  • And an important message to you all


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Today we speak with celebrated Ultraman World Champion, Ironman athlete and Coach, Kevin Cutjar about developing confidence and executing a good race. He is also the owner of the Challenge Penticton race, held in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Kevin has a wealth of experience in racing long, hard and tough events so he knows a thing or two about confidence.

Confidence underpins performance, and developing this skill can take time and patience. There's a system to follow and as we get deeper into this episode, Kevin explains how to turn that confidence into smart race execution.

Grab a cup, sit back and enjoy todays episode of The Friday Fat Black.

Awesome knowledge covered:

  • Kevin's amazing racing career
  • Developing confidence
  • Trusting the process
  • The psychology of racing long
  • Self belief
  • Getting it right: the long run
  • Patience, and having the confidence to be patient
  • Endurance and repetition
  • The "perfect" plan
  • Understanding self-doubt
  • Executing a race
  • Dealing with distraction
  • How to stay focused in training
  • Self talk
  • Challenge Penticton

Speaking of Challenge Penticton, registration is open now for August 30, 2015. So if you want to race on one of the most historical and picturesque courses in the world get onto it fast!

Connect with Kevin




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We continue on with the Answers Series today with some great questions from some of our coached athletes. We love questions like these because it helps us to ensure that our listeners truly understand the information that we provide.

We love the challenge of the questions, and we love looking for answers to the ones that we don't know. We certainly don't pretend to know it all! But we are prepared to seek for more....

Keep the questions coming via the TriSpecific Facebook page, or

This weeks questions:

Q. How do you stay cool in races without your run shoes filling with water and becoming ankle 'weights'?

Q. What are the some sources of saturated fat I can look into?

Q. Can you really become fat adapted as a vegetarian?

Q. Can I substitute the lemon juice in the natural hydration mix for something else? Do I even need the lemon juice?

Q. You guys have mentioned the Maffatone methods few times, how does that fit into the TS coaching methods?

Q. What Fat Black alternatives exist for non-coffee drinkers?

Q. What wetsuit recommendations do you have?


Aqua shop

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