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In todays episode of the Friday Fat Black, Pete and I talk go deep into the understanding differences in training on gender and body types and why it's important to understand.

We cover:

  • Why understanding the differences on gender and body type matter
  • How different body types react differently to training
  • The 3 nails that athletes (namely male ones) hammer into the preverbal coffin.
  • Why program structure matters
  • Why guys bodies breakdown more then our female counterparts
  • How we create an 'insurance policy' that allows us to train hard consistently
  • Understanding that every type of training has a form of catholic and anabolic response and why they're both important in our sport
  • Understand the distinct hormonal shift that occurs in training for Ironman and how to mitigate the negative effects
  • What contributes to anabolic states and how they help us athletically and health wise
  • What contributes to catabolic states and how they break us down
  • Stress and important stress reduction techniques
  • And so much more


Breathing Podcast



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In this weeks FFB podcast Pete and I get the pleasure of interviewing a good friend of mine and respiration specialist and practicing Anaesthetist, coach and pretty hand athlete Andrew Sellars.

Andrew and I have know each other for about 8 years

We cover:

  • The untapped potential of breathing
  • Simple effective cost free techniques to improve your breathing efficiency
  • The problems with breathing tools like the power lung / power breathe
  • Cramping in swim
  • Why breath training should be a high priority
  • Understanding respiration rate and patterning
  • How your respiratory system is limting your performance
  • Breathing coordination
  • Where real core stability comes from
  • and so much more.


Find out more about Andrew

Bio Harness


Fact-Canada / Forum re Spiro Tiger

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On todays episode of the Friday Fat Black Pete and I talk go deep in carbohydrate loading and why it's a joke and unfortunately the joke ends up on you the athlete.

Here’s what we cover:

  • Why we're passionate about this topic and the basis of this rant
  • The two mistakes athletes make which become show stoppers
  • My story about carbo-loading
  • Why feeling hungry does not mean you're lacing in energy and that racing 'hungry' is ok
  • Why athletes bonk / hit the wall
  • How much storage do we actually have
  • Your true energy needs in taper
  • Can you increase CHO energy stores in race week. Fact or Fiction?
  • The long term implications and consequences of long term fuelling habits of most triathletes
  • The only two places the fuel i.e. CHO can go once your muscles and liver are full
  • Carbohydrate intolerance
  • Weight gain in race - it's not just water
  • Our bodies infinite ability to store fat bought about by carbs
  • How not to feel heavy, lethargic and sick on race morning
  • The two biggest mistakes athletes make in the race itself
  • The true reasons nutrition companies tell you to CHO load and how much cals you 'need' per hour to prevent the dreaded bonk
  • The disconnect on what all carbohydrate sources actually are
  • Changing what you do week-in-week-out in race week and it's effects
  • Is more better?
  • What about athletes that are fat adapted and topping off muscle and liver glycogen stores
  • N=1 and what that means
  • Racing IM Australia next and you're still a carb dependent athlete? - what you can do next week not to negatively impact your race performance
  • And so much more
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On todays episode of the Friday Fat Black Pete and I talk about a whole load of different topics. 

Here's what we cover:

  • Learn about the benefits of Video analysis and how we're implementing it with our coached athletes and even some of our Blueprint athletes.
  • Breathing and using a Turbine
  • Injury beliefs - where run injuries maybe actually coming from
  • Injury prevention tips 
  • Thoughts on tri shoes for the Ironman bike v road bike shoes
  • Exciting meetings I had a couple of weeks back with Specialized, Trigger Point and Craig Percival 
  • More on swim mistakes
  • TriSpecific Camps (July is looking locked in ... details coming)
  • One of the biggest killers of performance and the psychological ramifications
  • FOCUS 
  • Visioning, how it works and use the whiteboard
  • And more
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Friday Fat Black Episode 23 - Swimming with Craig Percival

In this FFB, Pete and I get the pleasure of speaking with Craig Percival about swimming, the common mistakes and some very simple tips to help you get out of the water faster and in better shape. 

I've know Craig for a number of years through Aquashop and being around Iornman expos but wanted to get him on our podcast after seeing some success his had with athletes and especially in the swim discipline. 

I'm talking wholesale changes in swim times and this is what perked my ears up.  

Craig is not only a very good swimmer himself (now holds the 10k swim record at Ultraman Canada including days 1 and 2) but also a very good coach too. 

It's a cracking episode.


We'd love it if you are getting enjoyment and great advice from our podcasts if you could give us a 5-Star rating and review on iTunes we'd be forever grateful. 

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In this weeks Friday Fat Black Episode Pete and I go through a bit of a debrief of Ironman Melbourne. 

The good, the bad, the ugly. 

What were the good things we saw? 

What were the avoidable mistakes athletes were making? 

A bit of a fun FFB this week with some good tips you can take to the bank. 


We'd love it if you are getting enjoyment and great advice from our podcast if you could give us a 5-Star rating and review on iTunes we'd be forever grateful. 


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Pete and I get the pleasure to speak to Chris 'Chicken' Chapman owner behind "The Running Company" specialised running stores around Australia.


Chris brings a wealth of knowledge to the table and we discuss the differences in running for Ironman triathlon and straight running. 


The intricacies of shoes choice and athlete and how to ensure you get the right shoe for you. 


We look at common mistakes and a whole lot more. 


Kudos to Chris for recording this with us the morning after racing Ironman Melbourne. 

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Friday Fat Black Episode 20 - Why Repetition Works


In todays episode Pete and I go through the 6 main reasons why repetition is SO important to realising your potential in Ironman. 


We tie it in with some game changing sessions thoughts.



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Friday Fat Black Episode 19 - Mojo and Ironman Melbourne Race Week

Lost your mojo? Pete and I talk about mojo and the steps to get it back.

We go through race week and race day to give you some solid tips to be your best. 


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In this weeks Friday Fat Black, Pete and I go into the art of the Ironman taper and continue on with mistakes we see in the lead up to the race and in race week itself. 


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