The Endurance Specific Podcast (general)

Today Pete and I go into talking the real starting point on fitness that most athletes neglect. Why?Because it's not really that sexy or could be considered boring. But it keeps you injury free and consistent which is the backbone of ultimate performance. 

We also touch on 3 areas you need to be looking if you have any sort of lower leg injury.

And finally we cover some listener QNA. 

It's a ripper of a podcast. 


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Friday Fat Black Episode 16 - Belief


Today Pete and I talk about Belief. The mind is powerful when used in the right way and will help you make huge gains in training, racing and life. 



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Friday Fat Black Episode 15 - The Critical Focuses Leading into Ironman Melbourne

This week Pete and go into depths in discussing all those critical aspects you need to have dialled in over this next 5 weeks leading into Ironman Melbourne. 

Or any race really. 

We cover consistency, sleep, nutrition, hydration, recovery protocols and removal of stressors.

Again we cover all things that will improve your Ironman triathlon game. 

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