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We love an adventure; wether it's climbing glaciers, Mountain biking across deserts, or just exploring our own backyards. Seeking adventures like these are a great way to switch-off from the world, close-out the triathlon noise, but most importantly: have fun and grow! Today Kristian chats with the guys from IGO Adventures. Never heard of it? What is it? Well Bobby sums it up perfectly here:

IGO was born as an idea when I completed the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. After a life-changing 48 days at sea, the euphoria of the finish was powerful. I believe everyone should experience that feeling and have it as frequently as possible. Therefore, I was determined to answer the question: If I bottled the adrenaline and emotions I felt upon seeing Antigua after 2 months of rowing, how can I give that ‘adventure ecstasy’ to people who only have a week to spare? The answer is IGO.

- Bobby Melville – Founder

In today’s episode, we discuss:

  • What is IGO Adventures
  • The DNA that makes these events high on the bucket list
  • The world records and how IGO came about
  • The events on offer

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