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Today we "sip the fat" with this years winner of the ULTRA 520K Canada (formerly known as UltraMan Canada) and TS Life Member, Ross Welton. Ross adopted the LCHF lifestyle to prepare his body for the race and talks us through the nuances of his journey with LCHF - mistakes he made, and strategies that you absolutely have to employ to ensure that the LCHF protocol works for you. Ross, as well as many other athletes, are proof that you can perform at high levels without destroying your body with excess, processed carbohydrates.

In today’s episode, we discuss:

  • How a bet turned into a full-blown commitment to race.
  • The rewards of persistence.
  • Going all in.
  • Knowing what is right an what is wrong for your body.
  • Getting over fat-phobia.
  • Fat bombs.
  • Getting the numbers and the training just right.
  • How to race as a LCHF athlete.
  • The social acceptance of eating.
  • Seizing the moment.

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