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Today we have fresh new Aussie pro athlete, Alister Caird on the show. Alister has only been in the sport for a few years and has shown some outstanding performances as an Age Group athlete (like going 8:45 at Ironman Western Australia) and has now moved into the pro ranks. Alister brings a passion for data and a deep intuitive sense of what his body can do when it is time to perform (i.e. when it counts). He also shares some invaluable tips on how to ride to your numbers correctly, how to manage your data and when to use intuition.

In today’s episode, we discuss:

  • How to ride Kona.
  • Working on swimming weaknesses.
  • Building a reality with results.
  • Dealing with expectations in Kona.
  • Being a data-geek.
  • Testing your FTP.
  • Understanding power relevance.
  • Racing to the numbers.
  • Developing a strong mental edge.
  • Invaluable Kona tips.

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