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Today Pete and I catch up and discuss my Ironman comeback. My last Ironman race was back in Kona in 2009. I attempted Ironman Melbourne in 2013 and I believe that was the day when I switched my celiac gene on and maybe my prior pre race dinner of pizza and beer pushed me over the edge. That day my stomach and diaphragm shut down before exiting the shortened swim (due to adverse conditions) and my day was done 90km into the bike. That led to a roller coaster of a year that ended up with adrenal dysfunction. Ironman Canada wasn't without it's challenges and race day mishaps but I'm happy to be back racing, health and resilient. Looking forward to more racing.  

In today’s episode, we discuss:

  • The 3 F’s

  • Conquering Fears
Nutritional mistakes in racing

  • Racing with ego

  • The “what if” attitude
Pulling apart the race

  • Dealing with pre-race stressors
How to respond to stress
Patience in racing

  • When things go wrong
  • Controlling the controllables

  • Wanting to be better each time
Sustaining the hurt
Pacing before racing

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