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Today we have our good buddy Craig Percival on the Fat Black Podcast for the second time (he was on way back in FB23 talking all about swimming). This time we go into his next and biggest ultra challenge to date which is 8in8in8. That is 8 iron distances, in 8 days, crossing Australia’s 8 states and territories. Now with Australia being the land mass it is… It makes it a bit of a logistical nightmare and some relatively quick times to make next flights. Get inspired to be #allergictoaverage with Craig. Enjoy.

In today’s episode, we discuss:

  • The Why
  • How the SBR will be the Easy part
  • The importance of the team
  • The crazy logistics
  • The training involved
  • Preparing for the mental challenges
  • His fuelling ... Not our way ;) 
  • His thoughts on how the finish will go. 

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