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Today we have Heather Wurtele, whom is one half of team Wurtele, on the podcast.

Team Wurtele is a husband and wife team who committed, full-time, to the sport of long course triathlon in 2009. They sold almost everything they owned and bought a small RV so that they could travel, train, and race around North America.

They have travelled the globe and Heather is now a 6x Ironman champion and 11 time half iron champ and was 2nd at last years 70.3 world champs.

I can tell you, speaking with Heather helped me get out of a little funk after being sick. You’ll see why Heather has had so much success.

In today’s episode, we discuss:

  • The culmination of hard work.
  • Waiting for Kona.
  • Heat management for a heavy sweater.
  • Dealing with incredibly unlucky problems.
  • Caring about the process.
  • Dealing with negative thoughts.
  • Flipping your mental framework.
  • Choosing the right choice.
  • Steps to getting better sleep.
  • Keeping perspective.
  • Training through the Canadian winter.
  • Going all in.

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