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Today we have Bill Chaffey on the Fat Black to talk about how that accident has shaped his life, and the what it really takes  to turn tragedy into triumph. Last year he took out first place in his Cat @ the ITU Worlds in Chicago - which Pete go to watch live - and for the past 7 years or so has been dominating the Olympic distance with multiple WC wins, and came 2nd in Kona in 2013…..

Bill is an exceptional athlete no doubt, but he has an inspiring story to share….

In 2005, just 5 days before his first IM, Bill was in a serious accident, resulting in spinal damage, a broken pelvis, broken elbows and serious internal injuries.
Today we get to see what makes Bill tick and how he goes about preparing to get the nod to race in Rio.

In today’s episode we discuss:

  • When you really know what you want.

  • The value of structure and constant communication.

  • Embracing challenges.

  • What motivates Bill.

  • The ONLY person you should never let down.

  • The little things VS the big picture.

  • Bill’s biggest mistake.

  • Preparing for realistic goals.

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