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Today Pete and I get to chew the fat with Koppo Kopcikas, whom I met way back when I started my triathlon coaching journey at a level 1 tri course. Over the last 29 weeks I’ve been following Koppo’s inspirational LCHF life changing journey. It’s a story that just needed to be told. You might not even have a ton of weight to lose but you might be wondering how the hell you could do this LCHF journey.


In today's episode we discuss:

  • Koppo's decision to make a change.
  • The trappings of food for reward.
  • Going all in on LCHF
  • Koppo’s advice for LCHF
  • How Koppo fuelled his body ‘then’ VS ‘now’.
  • Making the commitment to a lifestyle change
  • Overcoming a major injury.
  • The Green Man: 200 Runs in 200 days
  • Koppo’s favourite meals

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