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Today I had my buddy and for the last few months infrequent training partner Mike Conway of Back into Action Physio drop by so Pete and I could discuss the typical things he sees in his practice when it comes to us Triathletes and being a very solid athlete himself.  Mike pretty much got into physio to fix his own body and today he gives us not only a ton of great insights but someways we can go about to help ourselves out. 

Now I say infrequent training partner because he has had his head down every spare minute out of the his practice developing his SKIRAD app which recently launched and while it's targeted at skiers and boarders the Fit for Snow screen can for the most part be a great screen for us athletes. You can check it out in the link below. Enjoy. 

In Today’s Episode We Cover:

  • Setting Gold Standards of Movement.
  • Pre-flight checks - what they are and why you MUST be doing these.
  • Knowing yourself and how you move.
  • Mike’s injuries (prepare to be shocked).
  • The KEY areas that Mike looks for when treating athletes.
  • Common triathlon injuries and how to fix.
  • Mike’s cool new app.
  • Dynamic Warm-ups.
  • Why you need to cool down.
  • Easy ways to screen you movement,  without using equipment.

Links from the show:


Back into Action Physio (Whistler)




Get the SKIRAD app (click image below)



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