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Last week you heard some great insights from Champion Athlete, Jan Frodeno on his quest to take on Kona and what he has had to do to make the transition from short-course to long-course a successful one. Today we get to talk his wife, Olympic Gold Medalist, Commonwealth Medalist and 3x World Champion - Emma Snowsill.

Emma has enjoyed an amazing career but has dealt with some serious health issues, that ultimately lead to her retiring from the sport. As a result Emma has learned some hard lessons and had decided to embark on a quest to fully understand health and help educate athletes as to what real health actually means.

Emma Talks About:

  • What being a World Champion has taught her.
  • Why she stopped racing.
  • Emma's personal health journey.
  • Learning about true health.
  • Understanding that what we eat underpins performance.
  • Giving back to the sport.
  • Being an ambassador.
  • Educating people on the sport through commentary.
  • What is in store for Emma.

This was a fantastic opportunity to sit down and speak candidly with such a remarkable athlete - and person. Emma's positivity is amazing as she prefers to view her health battles as step into a new direction and career, rather than something that holds her back. Emma's story carries the message that as athletes we owe it ourselves to understand what true health really is.

You should check Emma out on Instagram and via her Website.


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