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Today I get to speak with TriSpecific athlete John Rutherford after his recent first time Ironman  a couple of weeks back at Ironman Switzerland. John had great IM debut going 9:34.

As I say in the intro. Nobody comes from nowhere ... and what I mean there is that we all have backgrounds and most athletes that have quick success in this sport have a solid background and John is no different here. John has ran 100 mile ultras and he definitely wasn't successful in those first outings, especially as the typical carb dependant athlete and we go into all that but his background goes further back and we look into the lessons that cross over from flying a F-18 to performance in other areas of life. And don't miss what John did with a 40 Million dollar aircraft at 14:55 into the podcast. 

What We Cover: 

  • John's first Ironman going 9:34 and the lessons. (there is ALWAYS lessons)
  • Logistics and there importance
  • Expectations and what you need to be with them
  • No unforced errors
  • John's background and his time as part of the US National Cycling team
  • Those carry over lessons from cycling, ultra running and flying an F18
  • Listen in a 14:55 to hear what John did with a 40 Million dollar aircraft
  • Learning to be calm under pressure and where it is critical on race day
  • We go deep into fuelling and how little John takes in through training and racing
  • John's part in the UCON Fat Adaptation/Perofrmance Study
  • How never to hit the wall or bonk again
  • Time to benefits of fat adaptation at 35'
  • The starting point to fat adaptation and process of teaching around 36' in
  • The 3 BIG benefits of being fat adapted
  • Sodium - the true needs
  • Johns race day fuelling strategy
  • The 3 things John's most important performance tips


Ben Greenfields Part 1 & Part 2 of his part in Voleks study and rewriting the Fat Burning text book. 

Becoming a Bonk proof athlete - FAT chance


Keto Force (Disclaimer: I have not tested this yet, but from John's testing it seems to work well. However.. as per previous blog.. get the other aspects down first. No short cuts!)

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