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In todays Friday Fat Black Pete and I dive into the importance of being realistic about the goals and expectations you set yourself.

Personally I hate the saying "you have to be realistic" or "realistically, I can only ....", to me that is being  mired in mediocrity. I love Big Hairy Audacious Goals and while you could look at some not being 'realistic' right now - if you are willing to commit (you do know there is an enormous difference in being interested or being committed don't you) and give it the time, patience and dedication needed, backed with a never give up on your dreams attitude then almost anything is truly possible.

We Cover:

- How goals and expectations are a doubled edged sword

- Breaking goals into two parts: Process and Move you forward goals

- Focus and concentration

- The NEED to look at things from a neutral perspective: What are the 'facts' right now.

- Why you shouldn't judge your self worth on a workout or result

- The expectations you should start with

- Race day, how we focus on the wrong things which push us away from the goals we want.

- Life circumstances

- When to take your goals and expectations with you and when to leave the behind

- Why you choke or make stupid avoidable mistakes in a race

- and so much more


Goal Setting


Understanding Your Why

The mindset needed to reach your goals

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