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This week Pete and I get to interview our good friend, new dad, fellow 3326RIDE rider and world class triathlete Luke McKenzie. This didn't even feel like an interview, more like sitting down having a chat over a fat black coffee. Don't be fooled though, Luke provides some insights into being a world class athlete, keeping the motivation high and the stepping stones to being runner up in last years Ironman World Championships.

Grab yourself your favourite beverage, sit back and enjoy.

What we cover:

  • Moving to the USA full time.
  • Being a new dad.
  • Managing the schedule with Wynne and both parents training for IM.
  • The ups and downs.
  • Learning how to race.
  • How racing and winning in Asia provided the stepping stones to Kona.
  • Winning IM Cairns.
  • A couple of things Luke does that leads to success.
  • Progression in Kona and making the necessary improvements.
  • What it's all about.
  • How he keeps his motivation high.
  • Learning the lessons from the obstacles along the way.
  • Getting through the hiccups.
  • How to make the best out of a bad situation and what doing that provides.
  • Coaches, mentors and self coaching.
  • Lukes biggest advisor.
  • Pushing the boundaries of tech and the lessons so far.
  • Bike position - what's important.
  • Strength training.
  • On coaching athletes.
  • Stress and what Ironman shouldn't be.
  • On setting goals.
  • Training.
  • Giving back.



As soon as we have details ... we will post them here about purchasing the new "GO LUKE" Kona Trucker caps with money going to the Challenged Athletes Foundation ...

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