The Endurance Specific Podcast

This week Pete and I step away from the interviews go into Question and Answer mode. We're always getting questions from our coached and Blueprint athletes but believe this is a great platform for answering questions that many of you have but haven't asked.

As I mention in the podcast. If you'd like Pete and I to do another weekly podcast specifically on QnA or dial into one topic then we're open to that. We will do leave Fridays predominantly to interviews with our awesome guests and say on a Tuesday do a 30-40min QnA. Let us know in the comments below and of course if you have any questions let us know below.

What we Cover:

  • Strategies with dealing with the heat in Kona (or any other hot race)
  • TT bike or road bike and when you should be jumping on the TT bike in your race prep
  • GF nutrition and living/racing with Celiac disease
  • Goal setting and realistic goals
  • Training for older athletes
  • Getting through tough sessions
  • How to refocus and re-ignite the motivation after a big race and also how to keep motivation levels high for training
  • Changes in our nutrition ideology and why
  • Which wheels for racing and why


Past Podcasts we mention

FFB41 - Aero is Everything (all about being aero)

Being a Gluten Free Athlete with Steph Lowe The Natural Nutritionist

Quick link to all podcasts

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