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Today we have the awesome Steph Lowe of "The Natural Nutritionist" on another call of the Friday Fat Black. Previously we have discussed Nutrient timing and also becoming a gluten free athlete (and why you should consider it) however today we talk all about gut health and how your gut is really the foundation of your system health.

If you're holding onto injuries, getting sick consistently then you NEED to be fixing your gut health. Even if you're not getting sick or have niggles ... good gut health will help you improve your performance.

Look, if you're serious about your performance but also about long term health (and you should be) then you can't miss this episode. 

What we cover:

  • All health and immunity stems from your gut.
  • Where does illness start?
  • Why you need to look at the gut if your sick and if you have constant injuries.
  • The indirect links your gut has on other areas of your total health than just the stomach.
  • Why your brain function is linked with your gut.
  • What affects gut health.
  • Good food in-of-itself is not the answer.
  • Good bacteria, bad bacteria.
  • Antibiotics and what you need to know if you have to take them.
  • For the female athletes. The Pill and its impact on your gut health.
  • Inflammatory foods and how to ensure you choose foods that are anti-inflammatory in nature.
  • Being an Iron distance athlete, you can guarantee that you have some level of impaired gut health.
  • Stress and its implications on your gut health.
  • The chicken or the egg with gut health.
  • What pulls the trigger and how todays choices affect what happens downstream.
  • Tips it mitigate stress in our current life circumstances.
  • Strategies on fixing or improving your gut health.
  • Vegan athlete choices of fixing gut health.
  • Caffeine and impact on cortisol, stress, acidity.
  • The one answer to getting good bacteria.
  • Detoxing.. do you need to, how to and when?
  • Stress and its roll in weight loss and what you need to understand.

Show Links:

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Gut Health 101 with Steph Lowe (includes links and tips for bone broth, fermented veggies and more).

The Pill

Great Lakes Gelatine

Stephs site The Natural Nutritionist

Learn more about detoxification and Steph's six week program here:

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