The Endurance Specific Podcast

Today Pete and I have the awesome pleasure of speaking with 15x Ironman distance champion, member of the Australian Ironman Hall of Fame Belinda Granger from her stunning backyard overlooking the 20m pool. We get such amazing insights from BG who has done 50 Iron distance racing and been around the triathlon traps for 20 odd years! We look at all aspects from injuries, to training, discipline, nutrition and so much more.

What we cover:

  • Lessons from one of the most longterm successful female IM athletes in the sport
  • Belinda's WHY!
  • Natural talent is useless
  • Why 'loving it' helps
  • Strategies and tips to pull you through those tough races
  • BGs two biggest regrets - massive honesty here
  • The skill of set and forget
  • When and where you learn the most
  • Why you need to self assess
  • Settling
  • Nutrition, balance and not depriving yourself
  • Looking at all aspects of the sport
  • The ABS!
  • The tell tale signs you need to listen too
  • Balance
  • The Training regiment... major lessons
  • You HAVE to give back
  • 3 huge performance knowledge bombs dropped around 28mins in
  • Keys of being professional - if you're a pro or budding pro you need to listen to this
  • Favourite sessions
  • What the future holds for Belinda




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