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This weeks FFB is all about getting AERO with Mark Cote whom is the head of aero R&D for Specialized. Last week Pete and I got the opportunity to head down to the Gold Cost for Specialized’s 2015 product launch here in Australia and were lucky enough to sit down and chew the fat with Mark and we thought .. we’re all here - can we do a podcast and Mark took it in his stride which we’re super grateful for. Listen and listen again about whats important, how you can get both free and paid aero benefits.

“the difference between athletes that pay attention to this and those that don’t is Kona spots”

What we cover:

  • Aero .. what’s really important and quick free aero gains (1:40).
  • 80” over 40km  - imagine over an Ironman that’s 6 minutes and doing this doesn’t cost you anything.
  • What a ‘shaved’ tennis ball has to do with shaved legs.
  • The Specialized wind tunnel allows them to geek out
  • Even a little matters
  • Clean it up .. it's important.
  • How AND why fit matters?
  • The preconceived notions of being low are hindering you.
  • The common trend in fit (not what you think).
  • Get faster and reduce fatigue.
  • Being in the aero bars versus being on the hoods (7:35). You’ll be stunned how much that is worth per 40km.
  • All about Wheels (8:38)
  • Style ‘watts’ versus real ‘watts’
  • The catch 22 on the deeper wheel (9:38)
  • What wheel sizes are showing the most benefits.
  • Where wheels actually come into their own.
  • Tyres (11:10)
  • Tubular v clincher
  • Tyre technology
  • Helmets and choices (13:00)
  • Why it’s more important to have a ‘quiver’ of helmets than it is wheels!
  • Helmets, there's aero and then there's the details - heat (15:20)
  • One of the new frontiers and biggest benefits you get (18:40)
  • Actually moving forward this will be one of the most (20:59) important, technical devices you can run in your setup.
  • Rider first engineered.
  • How much further improvements are there in aero?
  • The true benefits for Specialized with their win (deliberate) tunnel.
  • The athletes that focus on this stuff versus those that don't.
  • Shiv TT v SHIV TRI.

Got Question? Either hit us up in the comments section below or reach out to Mark or the Specialized team on social media

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