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I'm just back from a whirlwind of Kona with lack of the number one health item.. Sleep! I've experienced both Kona as an athlete and a spectator many times and there is just something special when you step off the plan onto the tarmac at Kona International airport. My trip was short but packed with meeting up with athletes, industry contacts and other coaches. I even got a short swim and a couple of rides in. I actually recommend that if Kona is on the goal list to compete at, it's a good one to watch and go experience if you miss out qualifying one year. It definitely made me make it a definite purpose and desire to get there when I had done that.   

Today Pete and I do a recap on Kona talking through the pro and age group races. We also go into the conditions, execution, stress and mental state.

We also have a number of great podcasts lined up for you with some great age group athletes, pro athletes, coaches and experts in fields related to human performance.



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