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Pete and I are still reeling from this interview with Andy... Yes I know it's a pun but it was completely mind blowing. Most people don't understand how powerful the mind is and how much it plays into what we see in life. You can do the training, tick the boxes, go 'all-in' and still fall short and many times we self sabotage purely because of our internal programming.

The 6 inches between your ears is important. Critically important.

Andy is a mental performance coach and has worked with world champion athletes, entrepreneurs, high net worth business owners and even royalty.

Do you want to go fast, get to Kona, have more success in life. Listen to this podcast and learn how.

Here is what we cover:

  • Neurology is a muscle.
  • The importance of a mentor.
  • Overcoming adversities.
  • The science of "Mind Set".
  • The conscious and unconscious mind.
  • We are question answering machines - why we do what we do.
  • Becoming consciously aware.
  • 50'000 words a day.
  • The Dirty Little Secret to rapid success.
  • The filter system of the mind.
  • Accessing alpha waves.
  • Gaining direct access to the unconscious mind.
  • How to ask yourself the right questions.
  • Creating the NEW version of YOU.
  • Retraining the software.
  • The value of routine.
  • Bi-neural benefits.

You can reach out to Andy via: ---> Get a free Focus session.

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