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Today we speak with one of the World Leaders in Functional Movement Training, Andrew Read. Andrew has been in the fitness game a very long time and he is one of those small 1 %'s that is not afraid to step outside the norm and call B.S. He is an Athletic adventurer, top 6 in the world Master RKC (Russian Kettlebell Certified instructor), author and all round bad ass.

Here is just a taste of what we cover:

  • Functional movement and why it is essential.
  • Levels of Functional Movement Screening.
  • The importance of breathing.
  • Strength training for older athletes.
  • The 3 Rules.
  • Dealing with giving up.
  • Strength & Conditioning for long course racing.
  • Becoming injury resistant.
  • How to get FREE speed - building your Formula 1 car.
  • The smartest exercises for triathletes.
  • The distinction between strength and muscle size.


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