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Today we speak with celebrated Ultraman World Champion, Ironman athlete and Coach, Kevin Cutjar about developing confidence and executing a good race. He is also the owner of the Challenge Penticton race, held in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Kevin has a wealth of experience in racing long, hard and tough events so he knows a thing or two about confidence.

Confidence underpins performance, and developing this skill can take time and patience. There's a system to follow and as we get deeper into this episode, Kevin explains how to turn that confidence into smart race execution.

Grab a cup, sit back and enjoy todays episode of The Friday Fat Black.

Awesome knowledge covered:

  • Kevin's amazing racing career
  • Developing confidence
  • Trusting the process
  • The psychology of racing long
  • Self belief
  • Getting it right: the long run
  • Patience, and having the confidence to be patient
  • Endurance and repetition
  • The "perfect" plan
  • Understanding self-doubt
  • Executing a race
  • Dealing with distraction
  • How to stay focused in training
  • Self talk
  • Challenge Penticton

Speaking of Challenge Penticton, registration is open now for August 30, 2015. So if you want to race on one of the most historical and picturesque courses in the world get onto it fast!

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