The Endurance Specific Podcast

Wow. How good was Part 1? If you missed that make sure you go listen to FFB#46 Part 1 first otherwise you're missing a huge part of the process. 

The second part of that episode we continue the awesomeness.

Today we cover

  • VESPA. What is it?
  • Using VESPA in training.
  • How to use VESPA in racing to optimise your fat adaption.
  • 'Carb sneaking' - how strategically timing carb intake can boost your performance.
  • How to start the Fat Adaptation process.
  • How too much protein can turn off your ability to burn fat for fuel.
  • Ketone tracking.
  • Racing hungry - why you want to.

This is a seriously jam-packed episode! So sit back, grab a coffee and enjoy.

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