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Today we pick the brain of Peter Defty of Vespa Nutrition, on everything you need to know about Fat Adaptation and Optimised Fat Metabolism. Peter has been driving OFM knowledge for quite a wile now and today he helps you understand the ins and outs of the process and why it is absolutely vital to not only your performance but also your long term health.

If you have been struggling to get your head around the Fat Adaptation process or what to simply understand it better then Peter provides some essential insights in this two part series. Yes there is THAT much information here that we had to make it into two Episodes!

Adopting the Optimised Fat Metabolism approach isn't hard, and definitely not 'scary'. It is a simple adjustment to your daily nutritional intake, but with some truly game-changing results.

Today in Part 1 we cover:

  • Who is Peter Defty.
  • Optimised Fat Metabolism explained.
  • Using fat for fuel.
  • How little carbohydrates the body really needs.
  • Long term affects of High Carbohydrate use and their unintended consequences.
  • Insulin resistance
  • OFM for vegan/ vegetarian athletes - how to get it right.
  • The Optimised Fat Metabolism pyramid
    • Fat Adapted metabolic state.
    • Nutrition NOT calories
    • Stomach and gut health.
    • Training and lifestyle
    • Hydration

In the next part of this awesome-sauce episode, we go further into the OFM Pyramid and discuss hydration, the Vespa product and being a 'carb sneak'.

You will probably want to listen to these Episodes more than once because there is a metric crap-tonne of knowledge to be absorbed here!

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