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Today's guest is none other then Professor Grant Schofield from Auckland University of Technology and is the director of the University's Human Potential Centre (HPC). We have wanted to bring Grant on the Fat Black podcast for a long time and have spent some time reading his blogs and work, so I was quite excited to finally get him on the show and talk many things LCHF and how this ex professional Triathlete is making a storm down in New Zealand to change dietary guidelines for better health. With better health we can create better performances.

In Todays Episode We Cover:

  • Gran't roller-coaster ride that led to his LCHF hypothesis.
  • The mental side of LCHF.
  • Why having metabolic flexibility leads to great Ironman potential.
  • CARB Phobia is hurting you.
  • Something scary that many of todays iron distance 'athletes' will likely have.
  • The rules.
  • What Real Food really is.
  • You are undoing this and you need to up it.
  • Bacon
  • Vegetarian and Veganism
  • WTF Book
  • And of course more awesome.

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