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In todays Fat Black podcast Pete and I get to speak with Luke Mckenzies better half Beth Gerdes. Beth didn't muck around getting back into all things triathlon after the birth of their gorgeous little Wynne McKenzie and 6 months after the birth of Wynne, Beth had an absolute cracker at Ironman Western Australia coming in 4th with a fast 9:04 IM split and hauling assimus on the run and knocking out a handy 2:58:17.

The biggest take home from this interview with Beth would have to be her looking at the opportunities in things and having gratitude. Great lessons.

 What we cover:

  • Training through pregnancy.
  • Managing being a new mum and training for Ironman.
  • Support and Aunty Jackie.
  • We talk IMWA, the race and the mental side of it.
  • We talk fast AG men and how it affects pro women on the bike.
  • What drives Beth.
  • We go into Beths background as a school psychologist.
  • The lessons.
  • Beths biggest 'failure' ... this one is deep!
  • And of course her greatest and proudest achievement so far.

You can follow and learn more about Beth below:
Beth's Blog
@IMbethgerdes - Instagram
@IMBethGerdes - twitter

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