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Over here in Kona I got the opportunity to go to a party before the race and mingle. Whilst there I ran into ex professional triathlete, two time Olympian, world cup champion and former world ranked no.1 Andrew Johns or as he's better known as AJ. 

AJ started telling me about what he was part of and why he was in Kona. As it turns out he was here as an athlete ambassador to a new initiative called Clean Protocol. The Clean Protocol™ is a system to support clean athletes and to promote social change toward clean sport.

I was intrigued to find out more as I had seen the below image pop up in Luke McKenzies Facebook feed and was able to get together with both Andrew and the head of science Dr Michael Puchowicz MD for a chat about The Clean Protocol™

Clean Protocol











In this episode we cover

  • what The Clean Protocol™ is and why it's important.
  • The Passion about making the social change needed that there is no justification to even think about taking PED's
  • Allowing clean athletes to put there hands up and go through the testing protocol and show that they can win big races being clean. 
  • The Science behind it and who is using the protocol.
  • The reception from the pro's 
  • And more. 

You can learn more about The Clean Protocol™ at their website -

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