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We are EXCITED. Seriously.

We have been looking forward to this 50th Episode for a while now......The Friday Fat Black and The Answers Series have been so much fun and there has been a lot (really,  A LOT) of awesome information in each edition.

So today as we celebrate #50, we get stuck into some of the most popular topics we've discussed as well as what is coming up in the very near future. Hint: something BIG.

And, because this is a special event - something to celebrate, we are giving away some awesome prizes! You need to listen to the episode to find out how you can get your hands on some pretty cool things like:

  • Specialized Packs that will get you out of trouble
  • Smith Optics glasses for staying in style
  • TS 'swag' packs, because swag is important
  • GRID mini's and the new GRID X from Trigger Point
  • Some cool Tee's from "Art of Tri"

To enter the competition, listen to the instructions mentioned in the episode. We will announced the winners in the next Episode (this Friday).

This Episode we cover:

  • Our favourite episodes - the ones that we loved the most, and why.
  • Our favourite guests, and why.
  • Fundamentals - what it takes to be successful
  • The importance of Self Talk
  • Confidence VS Cockiness
  • Race execution - what you need to do
  • What's next: some very exciting guests coming up
  • Some special mentions....
  • And an important message to you all


Smith Pivlock

Urban Ninja

TS Life


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