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You Asked… we Answered. From this week onwards Pete and are adding a second show each week. So Tuesdays will be “The Fat Black - The Answers Series” and The Friday Fat Black will be our interviews.

So last Friday we did our first of “The Answers” series podcast and after that and the feedback for more.. we have obliged.

If you have questions. Please use the comments on the show notes page, ask on our TriSpecific Facebook fanpage or simply email me kristian [at]

This weeks Questions:

Q: Out of all the pieces of equipment available for training and performance improvements, what is the first one you would recommend to buy?

Q:  What are the best cassette and chain ring choices for events. When do you determine you need to?

Q: Bike shoes for Ironman and Half … should I be using Triathlon Specific shoes or road shoes?

Q: What is the best bike case for traveling


Trigger Point Performance Therapy Tools


New Zealand



United Kingdom

Bike Trainers

Revbox (if you're interested in this trainer, contact me as I have a special TS Coached Athlete, TS LIFE and Blueprint Athlete and even for our listeners)

Wahoo Kickr

Swim Tools

TYR Catalyst Hand Paddles - You can grab them here at wiggle Australia or wiggle rest of world.

Pull Buoy Options we like:

Big Ass PB ;)

Huub - Big Buoy

Blue Seventy Core Short (a new favourite)

Finis Tempo Trainer Pro (great for run training too..) 

Bike Shoes

For long course racing we prefer and recommend using a road shoe.

We like

S-Works Road Shoe

Shimano Road Shoe

If you want to go down the custom route check out Bont

Also ensure you go to your local Specialized dealer that does Body Geometry and use their "archometer" and get the specific body geometry footbeds needed for you. Instant increase in power, less foot fatigue and lessen the chances of injury.


You need to ensure you are in the right shoe for you. In Australia our friends at The Running Company have a great service as does The Running Centre in Perth. If you don't have a store near you that can get you on a treadmill and see you run, both barefoot and in shoes then Pete and I have a Run Faster service where we will get you to get video footage for us and then we will guide you to a shoe that is right for you. We will also give you advice on potential mobility drills and self massage techniques you'll need to do to improve your running efficiency.

For more on this service just contact me.

Bike Cases

Shimano Mega case

SiCon Aero 2.0



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