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Today we kick off the Kona special with Kona local and swim legend Karlyn Pipes. I’ve had Karlyn on the podcast back in episode 140.

Karlyn is a swimmer, swim technique coach, author and inspirational speaker. She has established more number one rankings than any other Masters-level swimmer in history and was inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame in 2015.

Do yourself a favour and get her book The Do Over - an inspiring story of her do-over from early swim success to addiction and then recovery through swimming.

This year she has been on a tear in masters swimming and I got lucky enough to have a swim session with her in her endless pool yesterday which had me focused and playing around in the water in today's Ho’ala Ironman Worlds Champs training swim.

Her swim lessons also come packaged with metaphors for life.

My conversation with Karlyn will help you become a better swimmer. And if you happen to be on the Big Island reach out to Karlyn via her contact page at You won’t regret it.


  • Deconstructing and reconstructing my swim
  • How to swim the Kona Ironman
  • One of the worst pieces of advice given to get your hips up
  • See the fishes, hear the fishes and talk to the fishes and why you’ll want to do this in open water swimming especially in Kona.
  • Why you don’t want to finish your stroke
  • Rolling - being on your side is not faster
  • Finding quiet power
  • Contrasting your swimming to SEE and FEEL the differences
  • Why you DO NOT want to be feeling the water
  • Scissoring your kick is only the ‘symptom of the disease’
  • Warming up for Iroman
  • Why Karlyn writes KNOW on her hand/arm in competition
  • Where to start depending on how you breathe
  • Finding space in the turns at the buoys
  • And so much more goodness.

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The Do Over



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