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Today's podcast is my conversation with pro triathlete, Angela Naeth. And let me tell you, we get deep and Angela really lets it all out there. This makes it so special - we all have ups and downs and the best of life’s hurdles to overcome. Angela shows her vulnerability but it also shows that that is the true path and the reason why we should truly be ourselves.

Angela grew up here in beautiful British Columbia, Canada and is known in the tri world for her powerhouse of a bike. She is a multiple 70.3 Champion, twenty-five 70.3 podium finisher, Ironman 2014 Chattanooga Champion (her third Ironman) and the 2015 North American Ironman Champion and had gone sub 9 twice.

Angela has a Masters degree in Physical Therapy and Bachelors in Health Sciences… and in her quest to give back she has created this great women's triathlon/cycling community which gives her the opportunity to support others in the sport of triathlon. 

I really enjoyed this conversation with Angela and I think you will too…


  • The coaches she's had, (including Chucky-V, Mark Allen, Sutto and current coach Jesse Kropelnicki) and the invaluable lessons 
  • The value of sacrifice
  • Why simplicity rules
  • How RedBull changed her life
  • What it takes to be an endurance athlete and what it takes to be pro
  • Becoming a pro today versus in 2008
  • Belief and being yourself
  • Stress
  • Her injury journey and getting through it
  • The biggest obstacle
  • Where age groupers screw it up (mostly)
  • A book everyone needs to read. 
  • The best advice she has ever received. [KM - This is it! Solid advice for all]
  • And more.

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