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Today I have a conversation with my ultra running coach, David Roche. David is not only a great runner - he’s the 2016 Way Too Cool 50k winner, the 2012 and 2014 USA Trail 10k National Champion, the 2014 US Sub-Ultra Trail Runner of the Year, a member of the 2014 US Mountain Running Team, the 2015 US Long Distance Mountain Team, and the 2017 US Trail World Champs team. 

David is also great coach, with a strong community and has athletes crushing it over various distances every weekend. (Like Cat Bradley who was one of the 2.5% of people that got a ticket to Western States in the lottery and went on to WIN)  But as the title of his blog spot is… Some Work, ALL Play lays down his life philosophy of having fun. Yes it’s the trials of miles for success but love of the process and understanding that We are stardust with delusions of grandeur. And None of this stuff matters except the memories we make. So DECIDE to MAKE good memories no matter what. There’s a lot to learn in that view point and also loads to learn in my conversation that applies to any endurance sport.

David made this call work off a mountain in Colorado to fit this in, so at times there’s a little wind disturbance towards the end as a thunderstorm was rolling in but it’s all good.


  • Coaching, Performance and getting the ingredients right.
  • Exposing Talent
  • The trials of miles the miles of trials and why it matters
  • The big reasons of being an athlete
  • The first pre requisite of an athlete so you don’t sell yourself short and allows you to become the best you can become.
  • How to build belief in oneself
  • Comparisons the thief of joy
  • The problem with focusing only on the outcome
  • Depression and post race blues
  • Ego based training
  • Why you need a what’s next
  • And much more.

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