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Today Pete and I are excited to speak with triathlon legend Cameron Brown. We had to reschedule this after some pre race issues for Cam last week and glad we did and get to speak to him about his exceptional performance at Ironman NZ on the weekend and breaking the course record at 43 years young. Brownie's been racing for 28 years and has a bit of wisdom to impart.


Picture by @DellyCarr

In today’s episode, we discuss:

  • The big secret to Cam’s success (Clue: there is more than one!).
  • What keeps Cam Brown motivated.
  • Enjoyment in the sport.
  • Adapting the discipline.
  • Family.
  • Battling it out with Calum (Millward).
  • Knowing when to make a move.
  • Coming back from an injury too soon.
  • Training under Scott Molina.
  • Cam’s biggest adversity.
  • Managing the “age factor”.
  • Learning patience.
  • Active recovery.
  • What triathlon means to Cam.
  • Staying focused in the race.
  • The 4th discipline of racing.
  • Why you should race more.
  • Tools of the trade.

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