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Today we are joined but our good friend, Peter Defty to help gain some basic understanding of science - in particular science related to nutrition. There is a lot of misinformation floating around on nutrition, with plenty of “experts” presenting studies to support arguments, but it's important to know how studies are performed, what was involved and what motivations were behind them. Peter helps us to view science the way it is intended to be viewed and helps to take away the stress and fear-mongering that bad science and lazy journalism help to create.

In today's episode we cover:

  • Why understanding science is important for athletes.
  • Good science VS bad science.
  • The role that media plays in misrepresenting scientific studies.
  • Peter’s 2 “S’s”.
  • Understanding how true science works.
  • Causation VS correlation.
  • Controlled studies, study design versus real world.
  • Confirmational bias.
  • The importance of a peer-review process.
  • The significance of the FASTER study.
  • What the data means in the real world.
  • What the FASTER study means for athletes.

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