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Today Pete and I get to chat strength training for endurance performance with Chris Ritter of Ritter Performance. Chris has over a decade of experience successfully coaching a diverse population of athletes and clientele; from youth to masters athletes and even Olympic Gold Medalists.

In today's episode we discuss:

  • Beliefs in S&C
  • How strength training can magnify results
  • The importance of the posterior chain
  • Movement practices
  • Functional exercises
  • Screening and what’s all about
  • When not to lift
  • Why slowing down is the key for endurance athletes when it comes to strength training
  • Protecting the priority
  • The questions to ask
  • Holding back v pushing forward
  • And more

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And: - Gain access to our pull-up progression to go from just hanging on the bar to becoming a pull-up master.

Also check out Pete and my The Fat Black Bottlenecks Project. 10 short interviews to help you remove the bottlenecks hindering your bests.

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